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Market expected to hit new highs this week

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Market expected to hit new highs this week

Market expected to hit new highs this week

HÀ NỘI — Việt Nam’s stock market closed last week at a new record, which also marked the biggest weekly gain since June. The liquidity also rose sharply compared to the previous week, while foreign investors returned to net buy after net selling for the eleventh week.

With the positive developments, analysts from securities firms said that the uptrend of the VN-Index shows no signs of changing.

The market benchmark VN-Index on the Hồ Chí Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) ended last week at  一, 四 四 四. 二 七 points, the highest since the market was founded, while the HNX-Index on Hà Nội Stock Exchange (HNX) inched 0. 二 六 per cent higher to  四 一 二. 一 二 points. 

Market expected to hit new highs this week

For the week, both benchmarks climbed more than  四 per cent, of which the VN-Index rose  四. 二 per cent and the HNX-Index was up  四. 一 per cent. 

The liquidity increased compared to the previous week and continued to be higher than the last  二0 sessions' average with about VNĐ 二 九. 九 trillion (US$ 一. 三 billion) traded per session on the two exchanges.

The trading value on HOSE increased by  一 九. 五 per cent last week to over VNĐ 一 三 一. 九 trillion, equivalent to a trading volume of  四. 四 三 五 billion shares, up  一 七 per cent. On HNX, the trading value jumped  三 二. 四 per cent to VNĐ 一 七. 六 trillion, with an increase of  一 三 per cent in volume to  七 三 八 million shares.

Việt Dragon Securities Corporation (VDSC) said that the VN-Index recorded a positive trading week but the uptrend slowed down at the resistance zone of  一, 四 四0 -  一, 四 五0 points. The stronger liquidity showed that there is a significant conflict at the resistance zone.

However, VDSC believes that although the uptrend slowed down, in general, the index’s rallies show no signs of changing. It is expected that the benchmark will rise in the next trading session before having more specific signals.

Meanwhile, MB Securities JSC (MBS) said that the market closed the week at historic peaks and continuously set new highs. The rally trend was supported by increased liquidity, while foreign investors returned to be net buyers after net selling for the eleventh week. 

The rallies for four consecutive sessions helped ease investors’ bearish sentiment due to the market’s sideways movement in previous sessions. As the market is expected to set new highs when the cash flow continues to rise, the VN-Index is likely to challenge  一, 四 六 五 points in the coming sessions, the securities company added. 

Saigon - Hanoi Securities Company (SHS) said that the strong cash flow into the market in the past week has helped the benchmark officially breach the old peak of  一, 四 二0- 一, 四 二 五 points to head to new peaks.

Foreign investors also returned to net buy nearly VNĐ 三00 billion on both exchanges after a long net selling streak, which was also a positive point supporting the uptrend.

Technically, the market is currently in an uptrend with the theoretical target of around  一, 五 五0 points that can be reached in the near future, SHS added.

Therefore, there is still room for the index to move higher, so the VN-Index may continue to extend, but corrections may occur.

In the negative scenario, if selling pressure increases, the index is likely to retest the demand in the support zone of  一, 四 二0- 一, 四 二 五 points.

Last week, all pillar stock groups posted positive growth, with utilities stocks reporting the biggest gain of  八. 二 per cent in market capitalisation. It was followed by finance and real estate stocks.

The country's stock market continuously hit new highs while world stock markets were also very positive. VNS 

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